About Us

Welcome to the website of Lakewood Baptist Church.  Since finding this site you might be asking yourself the question, what kind of church is this?  Is this the sort of church I am looking for? Perhaps you are curious about who we are, and what we believe, to see if we meet the expectations or criteria for which you are looking.  Here are a few things about our church that might be helpful to you as you consider:

Biblically Focused

We are a group of people who believe in the God Who is revealed in the 66 books of the Bible.  We believe that this eternal, all-powerful, all-knowing God created the world and everything in it, in accordance with the teachings of the Bible in the book of Genesis, chapters 1 – 3.  Since this Creator God cannot be discovered through human inquiry, He communicated to His creation through men and women specially directed by His Spirit, with the result that today we have the Bible that tells us not only Who God is, but about His program for this world and the race of men who inhabit it.

God Focused

As you might imagine, the God Who created the world and all it contains is so vast and wise, so powerful and complex that He cannot be completely understood without a significant effort and time commitment on the part of men who would seek to understand Him.  God’s person, immensity, wisdom, power, love, grace, mercy, holiness, righteousness and a whole host of other attributes constitute the study of a lifetime.  For that reason, the family of Lakewood Baptist Church meets multiple times each week for Bible study, worship, fellowship and interaction to better understand the God Who has “called us out of darkness into His marvelous light.”

Salvation Focused

The Bible teaches that God, like the men He created, is triune (three persons).  Men consist of body, soul and spirit, three parts that make up the whole man.  The Bible teaches that God consists of three separate persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Who make up the One True God.  That is not an easy concept to grasp, but it is a central revelation of the nature of God in the Bible.  God revealed to us Who He is, we did not discover or invent Him.  God the Father and God the Holy Spirit do not have bodies, and cannot be seen with the human eye.  The Bible says that “no man has seen God at any time, the only begotten Son Who is in the bosom of the Father, He has made Him known.”  It was Jesus the Christ, the Son of God Who made the Father known to the senses of men because He was God Who came down in human flesh to redeem lost humanity.  It is through Jesus Christ the Son that we are able to know more about God’s Person and loving nature.

Serious About Sin

We recognize that mankind is universally sinful, that is, he is at cross purposes with God and repulsive to Him.  Jesus Christ came to bridge the gap between men and God, and to pay the penalty that God’s holiness demanded for sin, which is death.  The Bible reveals that Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man paid the required price on the cross of Calvary that men might, by faith, be reconciled to God.  It is for this reason that we, as a church family, praise and worship Jesus Christ in our services, and in our lives, public and private.  We find it very easy to sing the hymn “Jesus is the Sweetest Name I Know.”


With respect to our services, the best word to describe our church would be “traditional.”  By that we mean that we feel that the faith “once delivered to the saints,” is adequate and appropriate for our world today.  We stand firmly on the foundation that has served all true Christians for almost two thousand years.  We find that our lives are fresh, new and challenging every day, but our foundational beliefs are the same ones that were held by the Christians of the first century.  We believe strongly that the Jesus, Who was raised from the dead twenty centuries ago, will come again as He promised in the pages of the Bible.  Until He comes and relieves us of the charge He gave to those first Christians, “occupy until I come,” we will joyfully serve Him and be obedient to His commands.


Lakewood Baptist has an annual calendar that features events and observances that anchor our experience in the service of Jesus Christ.  Repeated yearly, like the feasts of ancient Israel, these observances form a backbone of events that is eagerly anticipated and enjoyed.  The list includes the following events/observances:           

-  Annual Meeting and dinner in January

-  Easter observance meetings: 

>  Passover – a full Passover observance to frame the passion week and instruct about the origins of communion.

>  Service of Darkness – a multimedia service including live actors and music reliving the events of the crucifixion on the Friday before Easter.

>  Service of Light – A multimedia service including live actors and music reliving the events of the resurrection at 8:00 AM on Easter morning.

>  Easter Service at the 11:00 O’Clock hour on Easter Sunday

-  Fall Missions Conference – an annual three-day focus on missions in the Fall of the year.

-  Harvest Banquet – a church-sponsored banquet that replicates the experience of Americans who have historically given thanks to God at the completion of the harvest each year.

-  A month long focus on the Birth of Jesus Christ preceding Christmas.

Added to the above listed activities, the men and women of Lakewood Baptist Church meet for monthly Saturday breakfasts and Bible studies and other activities to build up and encourage one another in our mutual faith.

You are cordially invited to come and visit our church; our services and other meetings that are listed in this website, and we would like the opportunity to make you feel at home.  If you have questions please call (253-584-2483) or email us, we would enjoy the opportunity to interact with you and answer your questions.  Come visit us and see firsthand what a group of people are like who are truly serious about their faith.