Our Pastor

Dr. Dennis C. Stevenson has been the pastor of Lakewood Baptist Church since January of 2003. Pastor Stevenson and his wife Carole live in Tacoma and are the parents of four adult children, all happily married and serving actively in their respective churches.  The following information provides some background and insights into our pastor and his ministry here at Lakewood Baptist Church.

  • Raised in California, Pastor and Carole have been residents of the Northwest since 1970.
  • Pastor Stevenson’s teaching ministry at Lakewood Baptist Church is primarily exegetical in nature, focusing on a verse-by-verse exposition of the Bible in the Morning Worship Services and in the adult Sunday School hour.  Thursday evening Bible study is reserved for the teaching of a multi-year study in Systematic Theology from a conservative Dispensational, Pre-Tribulational, Pre-Millennial position.
  • Pastor Stevenson is a graduate of 4 institutions of higher learning, holding two baccalaureate and six graduate degrees, including degrees in Bible, Administration, Management, Finance, Communication, and Theology.
  • Pastor Stevenson and his wife Carole, have carried on a ministry of familiarizing believers with the lands of the Bible by leading tours to Bible Lands for over 35 years.  They firmly believe that knowing the “land,” which forms the backdrop against which the drama of redemption was played out, forms a solid foundation from which to understand those events, and the Biblical Narrative that reveals them to us.
  • In addition to intellectual pursuits, Pastor Stevenson is very much at home working with his hands and enjoys restoring antique cars, mechanics, wood working, metal working and blacksmithing.