What We Believe

(for a more detailed Statement of Faith, please see our Declaration of Faith)

The Bible: We believe that the Bible was given by inspiration of God and is our only rule for faith and practice.

God:  There is one God, infinite, eternal, and unchangeable, subsisting in a mysterious and eternal trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Creation:  We believe the Genesis acount of creation, that all that exists, including man, is the result of the direct creative act of God.

Man:  Man was created in the image and likeness of God, but fell through Adam, inherited his sin nature, and is unable, by himself, to remedy his lost condition.

Salvation:  We believe that salvation has been provided for man by God through the blood of Jesus Christ which was shed on the cross at Calvary.  Salvation is given to man at the point of initial faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and is based on faith alone.

  • Once a person becomes united with Jesus Christ by faith, they are kept by the power of God and are thus secure in Christ forever.
  • The dead, both saved and lost will be resurrected to give an account of their lives before God.

The Church:  The church is the body of Christ made up of all believers since the day of Pentecost, is represented by local assemblies, and will continue until the pre-millenial return of her Lord.  A New Testament church is comprised of baptized believers practicing scriptural ordinances, and actively pursuing the Great Commission of making disciples.

The Great Commission:  We are to evangelize and disciple all who come to Christ for His glory.

Eternity:  We believe that the saved will dwell in heaven, a place of reward, and that the lost will dwell in hell, a place of eternal torment apart from Christ.