Jon and Dot Andrews  (Portugal)

Primary Ministry Focus: Evangelism and church planting.

The People: The Portuguese have a wide mix of beliefs, but their loyalty is to Roman Catholicism. The young people are exchanging religion for materialism and agnosticism.

Major Challenges: To gain a hearing for the gospel. Most Portuguese are either intent on emulating Western material prosperity or blinded by centuries-old traditions.

Prayer Focus: Courage for new believers to take a stand against the pressure from family and friends to forsake their new-found beliefs. A new fire of devotion to Christ among evangelical Christians.  

Jon and Dot serve through World Venture. Their Mission Website is Jon and Dot .

Skip and Ruth Sorensen   (Uganda)

Primary Ministry Focus: Church Leadership Training.

The People: The Ugandans have a basic belief in God which comes from their tribal heritage. They already have a fundamental belief in sin that separates from God so are very open to the Gospel message. The number of churches has increased dramatically in the past 10-20 years, but leadership remains very shallow and weak.

Major Challenges: African culture is not a reading/studying culture that has an attitude of "ownership" of information. Ugandans do not naturally read or study nor do they share information with others freely once they have learned something. Obtaining status within the culture is highly sought after which fights directly against Christian morals of humility and service. Church leaders rarely read or study the Bible for themselves and so rarely have the depth of understanding necessary to teach their congregations.

Prayer Focus: For moral purity and personal holiness of the church leadership and for a desire for personal Bible study. Moral corruption is a constant temptation for leadership in this culture.

Skip and Ruth serve in Uganda through World Venture. The Mission Website is Skip and Ruth.

Two Additional Missionary Couples       

We support two additional missionary couples serving in sensitive areas of the world.