The discussion of origins is vital in the determination of the truthfulness and believability of the Bible.  It is also key in determining the accountability of men to their Creator, and His authority to judge men regarding their adherence to His revealed standards for their conduct.  The Bible teaches very clearly that the Triune God is the Creator of "the heavens and the earth and all that in them is.  While many would like to minimize or explain away this clear teaching, it never-the-less is the clear position of the Scriptures.

The secular religion of "Evolution" purports that the universe and all it contains is the result of random and unguided activities that are explainable by natural processes over vast periods of time.  This view of origins is in diametric opposition to the Biblical statements.  Evolutionists strongly declare that their beliefs are based on science, while claiming that those who hold to Biblical Creation are not scientific due to a foundation of belief or faith in God.

Science is defined as "the study and knowledge of the physical world and its behavior that is based on experiments and facts (Encarta English Dictionary).  The question of origins cannot be answered through science due to the fact that the origin of life, the process of evolution, or the creation by God cannot be subjected to repeatable experimentation and verification against scientific hypotheses.  As a result, the scientific method is not appropriate to test theories of origins from either an Evolutionary or Biblical perspective because both Evolution and Creation purportedly occurred in the distant past.

However, the evidential method (as used in courts etc.) is appropriate to use to compare or test views of origins.   When tested in this arena, the Biblical worldview of origins fares much better than the Evolutionary worldview under the same scrutiny.  Both positions (Evolution and Creation) only have one set of facts/evidence and the test of believability is based on how well each worldview can account for those facts and evidence within their model.  The Evolutionary worldview is based on innumerable assumptions that are unprovable and in some cases violate established laws of science.  The Biblical worldview not only makes predictions about what the world should look like and how it functions, but also agrees with evidence from a wide sweep of scientific and historical sources.

One example of hundreds that could be cited regarding the Evolutionary worldview relates to the purported evolution of the whale, which is often cited by evolutionists as the best proof of evolution.  Rodhocetus, an extinct creature that has some whale-like features is often depicted in museums and textbooks with a long whale shaped snout, tail fluke, flippers, and four legs as a "missing link in whale evolution.  Recently Dr. Phil Gingerich, the discoverer and reconstructor of Rodhocetus, admitted that the tail fluke and flippers have no fossil evidence and that he simply "speculated as to their existence.  Now, he agrees that Rodhocetus had neither (yet the textbooks and museum drawings have yet to be updated).  Basilosaurus is also depicted as a link in the supposed evolution of whales, yet Basilosaurus is clearly a reptile, not a mammal.  It is appears that, lacking real evidence, evolutionists sometimes resort to creating their own evidence out of wishful thinking.

Lakewood Baptist Church holds to the Biblical position of the creation of the universe and all it contains by God as recorded in the book of Genesis and supported by the rest of the Bible.  We believe that God created all we know to exist in six consecutive 24 hour periods, and that He rested on the 7th day.  We further believe that as direct creations of God, human beings are also accountable to God for their actions as judged against God's standards for that conduct revealed in the Bible. We believe that every human being will stand before God to give an account of his/her words and actions.